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Types of Public Health Emergencies

Man-Made Emergencies
People have caused public health emergencies. Whether these events are planned or accidental, they render casualties, inflict massive property damage, and threaten survivors' sense of security.
  • Bioterrorism: A growing number of terrorists are attempting to spread lethal diseases. Review past attacks and learn how public health agencies prepare to keep everyone safe. Select links below to learn about the diseases that could be used in an attack.
  • For a more extensive list click here.
  • Chemical: In the event of a chemical release, health officials may require the public to "shelter-in-place." Visit the Red Cross' sheltering webpage for more information.
  • Fires: Protect your home and family by practicing fire prevention and planning a safe evacuation.
  • Radiation: The Japanese radiation emergency (2011) confirms the need to prepare for the immediate and long-term dangers caused by excessive radiation.
Natural Disasters
Wood County faces weather-related challenges year-round. Be prepared for them.
Other Emergencies
Emergency Preparedness Contact information

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