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Frequently Asked Questions

Public Health Preparedness staff field questions on a regular basis. We have tried to compile a few frequently asked questions here. As always, if you have particular questions, feel free to contact us.

Who do I contact in a public health emergency?

You should contact your local health department. To find yours, click here.

What is a public health emergency?

A Public Health Emergency will be defined as any event or situation demanding immediate action on the part of the public health system in order to prevent disease and injury and/or maintain public health within the community of service.

Why does a health department need a 24-hour, 7 day a week number?
  • Health emergencies occur at any hour on any day. The State of Ohio will coordinate alerts on a health emergency but the local health department is the first responder in a health emergency. In addition, OAC 3701-3-05 demands a mechanism for immediate reporting of Class A-1 diseases.
  • After Hours Emergency: In the event of a public health emergency, class A reportable disease or bioterrorisim event call the Wood County Sheriff at (419)354-9001 or call 911.

What do you do?
  • Conduct disease surveillance and outbreak investigations
  • Provide training for the healthcare community and other partners on topics related to public health emergencies, such as bioterrorism.
  • Provide accurate and up-to-date information to residents and visitors of our community through our Web site and the local media
  • Participate in drills and exercises to test our ability to respond to an emergency
  • Write plans that will guide the health department's response to a public health emergency
  • Conduct training for our Wood County Health Department employees on those plans
  • Work collaboratively with agency partners

I don’t see my question here, what can I do?

Always feel free to contact us at 419-352-8402.
Emergency Preparedness Contact information

William Bryant-Bey
Phone: 419-352-8402 ext. 3267