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Disease investigation and prevention of outbreaks are among the highest priorities of the Wood County Health Department due to the fact it is an important part of protecting the public's health. Our goal is to prevent and reduce transmission of all communicable disease through a system of surveillance, control and education. Certain diseases, called reportable communicable diseases are required by law (Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 3703-3-01 through 3701-3-31) to be reported to the local health department. Our Epidemiologist contacts the primary care provider, patient, and/or family in an attempt to determine how the disease was contracted and to teach how to prevent further spread of the disease.

What is a communicable disease?

A communicable, or infectious, disease is an illness spread by coming in contact with an infected someone or something. Bacteria, viruses, and parasites are the most common organisms causing communicable disease. These illnesses can be passed from person (or animal) to person through direct contact with body fluids, ingesting contaminated food or water, breathing contaminated air, or by the bite of an infected animal.

What diseases are reported?

The entire list of reportable diseases in Ohio is located here.

Who reports communicable disease?
  • Health care providers (physicians, hospitals, infection control professionals) with knowledge of a case or suspect case of a disease which is required to be reported.
  • Laboratories that examine specimens of human origin with evidence of diseases which are required to be reported.
  • Any individual having knowledge of a person suffering from a disease suspected of being communicable.
Infectious Disease Contact Information

Phone: 419-354-4306
Fax: 419-353-1516

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