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Food Safety

The Food Safety Program is primarily responsible to protect the community against foodborne illnesses resulting from health code violations and improper handling of food. It is responsible for inspections of food service operations, temporary food service operations, food vending machines, micro-markets, mobile food operations, and retail food establishments. Inspection frequency and license fees are based on the Risk Level Classification. For new or remodeled operations, plans must be submitted to the Wood County Health Department for approval prior to construction.

If you see an unsafe practice in a licensed restaurant, store, or food booth, call the Wood County Health Department at 419-354-2702. You do not need to give your name. A sanitarian will follow up with an inspection.

Things we do:
  • License and inspect all food service operations and retail food establishments
  • Temporary food service operations and retail food establishments
  • Approve plans for all new and renovated food-related facilities
  • Investigate foodborne illness and reports of contaminated food
  • Investigate costumer complaints
  • Investigate reports of food related violations
  • Inspect vending machines that dispense food products
  • Inspect micro-markets
What are the differences in licenses?
  • A Food Service License is issued to a location or area where food is prepared and served in individual portions. Examples include restaurants, cafeterias, and schools.
  • A Retail Food Establishment License is issued to a facility that sells prepackaged food items, or sells multiple servings of food products. Examples include grocery stores, gas stations, and most pizza shops.
  • Temporary Food License: Issued to a facility that is operated at an event for no more than five consecutive days.
  • Mobile Food License: Issued to a moveable structure which must change locations at least once every 40 (forty) days.
  • Vending Machine License: Required if you sell food that requires temperature control (frozen, refrigerated, or hot food). A license is also required if the food is dispensed in an open container or cup, such as coffee, soda, soup, or hot chocolate.
  • Micro Market License: Issued to an unmanned store generally located within an office building or factory. This facility offers TCS and non-TCS food items for purchase via self-checkout kiosk. In addition, specific equipment is required. Coolers and freezers must have health switches that will automatically be activated in the event of a temperature control issue or power failure.
Environmental Health Contact information

Phone: 419-354-2702
Fax: 419-353-7201
Email: environmental@co.wood.oh.us

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