We're fortunate to have so many fantastic park facilities located across Wood County. These make excellent locations for physical activity, each with their own features such as paved paths, nature trails, play equipment and much more!

Bowling Green

  • Adam Phillips Pond, East Gypsy Lane Road (info)
  • Bellard Park, Kenwood Avenue and Sand Ridge Road (info)
  • Black Swamp Preserve, 1014 S. Maple St. (info)
  • Carter Historic Farm, 18331 Carter Road (info)
  • Carter Park, 401 Campbell Hill Road (info)
  • City Park, 520 Conneaut Ave. (info)
  • Conneaut Haskins Park, Conneaut Avenue and Haskins Road (info)
  • Fuller Preserve, 12153 Cross Creek Road (info)
  • Raney Playground, Sand Ridge Road (info)
  • Ridge Park, 225 Ridge St. (info)
  • Simpson Garden Park, 1291 Conneaut Ave. (info)
  • Slippery Elm Trail, north terminus, Sand Ridge Road (info)
  • Wintergarden Park/St. Johns Nature Preserve, 615 S. Wintergarden Road (info)
  • Wood County Historical Center and Museum, 13660 County Home Road (info)


  • Bradner Preserve (info)
    Interpretive center: 11491 Ohio 23
    Trails and campground: 11540 Timmons Road
    Playground and restroom: 1275 Caldwell Road


  • Cricket Frog Cove, 14810 Freyman Road (info)


  • Portage Park, Ohio 199 (info).

Grand Rapids

  • Beaver Creek Preserve, 23028 Long Judson Road (info)
  • Bluebell Island Park (info)
  • Labino Park, 17656 Bridge St. (info)
  • Mary Jane Thurston State Park, 1466 Ohio 65 (info)
  • Village Park (info)


  • Haskins Village Children Park, East Main Street (info)
  • Lusher Park, 202 S. Findlay St. (info)

Lake Township

  • Fireside Park, 1911 Ayers Road (info)
  • Friendship Park, 28001 Moline Martin Road (info)


  • Veteran's Memorial Park, Ohio 23 (info)

North Baltimore

  • City Park (info)
  • Slippery Elm Trail, south terminus, 232 E. Broadway St. (info)


  • Brentwood Park, 300 Brentwood Drive (info)
  • Cedar Creeks Preserve, 4575 Walbridge Road (info)
  • Central Park, Wales and Oram roads (info)


  • Mason Park, Front and Pine streets (info)
  • Memorial Park, College Avenue and Memorial Drive (info)
  • William Henry Harrison Park, 644 Bierley Ave. (info)


  • Bicentennial Park, 200 Mark Lane (info)
  • Buttonwood Park/Betty C. Black Recreation Area, 27174 Hull Prairie Road (info)
  • Eisenhower Park, 619 W. South Boundary St. (info)
  • Fort Meigs, 29100 W. River Road (info)
  • Hood Park, 105 W. Front St. (info)
  • J.C. Reuthinger Memorial Preserve, 30730 Oregon Road (info)
  • Milestone Park, 727 Sandusky St. (info)
  • Municipal Park, 915 Elm St. (info)
  • Orleans Park 655 Maumee Western Reserve Road (info)
  • Rivercrest Park, 13761 Eckel Junction Road (info)
  • Riverside Park, 245 W. Front St. (info)
  • Rotary Community Park, 26350 Fort Meigs Road (info)
  • Sawyer Quarry Nature Preserve, 26940 Lime City Road (info)
  • Three Meadows Park, 700 Three Meadows Drive (info)
  • Woodlands Park, 429 East Boundary St. (info)
  • W.W. Knight Nature Preserve, 29530 White Road (info)


  • Enright Park, South Dixie Highway (info)


  • Risingsun Community Park (info)


  • Beech Street Park (info)
  • Island View Park, Ohio 65 and Cove Lane (info)
  • Veterans Memorial Park, Hannum Avenue (info)


  • Rudolph Savanna, 10330 Rudolph Road (info)


  • Centennial Park, 18570 North St. (info)
  • Mehring Park, Broad Street (info)
  • Otsego Park, 20000 W. River Road (info)


  • Loop Park (info)
  • Railway Park, Breckman Street (info)


  • Wayne Village Park (info)


  • Alumni Park, Locust Street (info)
  • Baldwin Woods Preserve (info)
  • Michael Merrill Park, Taylor Street (info)
  • Old Schoolhouse Park, Walnut Street (info)

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